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2PDF is a command line utility for converting popular office documents and images to the PDF format. Besides file conversion in batch mode, it offers various options and parameters to convert your files the best way. Based on the command line interface, it can work regularly or nonstop 24/7.

2PDF allows conversion of entire folders (including subfolders) and archives with files. You can also select specific pages, delete source files, sort output files, handle attachments, and make conversion silent without any alerts.

2PDF compatibility

2PDF can work with: 

  • Command-line application
  • Windows Task Scheduler
  • BAT (batch) file or VB script
  • paths to files listed in a .txt file
  • your own software or existing source code

Supported Formats

2PDF supports a wide variety of 100+ types of documents and images (over 275 file extensions) as input files.

See all supported filetypes→

Simple Command Line Syntax

Set up automated folder-to-folder file conversion using simple command line syntax. The basic command starting with 2PDF.exe should be typed after opening the command-line application. You can use 2PDF with Command Prompt, Windows PowerShell, Windows Terminal or any similar command line interface.

Main Features 

Merge various files into multipage PDF files 

Using the -pdf attribute, you can split and merge files into a multipage PDF. This way, you can create large documents by adding more pages to an existing PDF. 2PDF lets you combine files in different ways: append (add to the end), prepend (add to the beginning), keep files “as is” and split them.

Rotate and auto-rotate PDF pages

Special parameters -auto_rotate and -rotate let you automatically or manually rotate pages within output PDFs. You can select page orientation (portrait/landscape) and rotation direction (clockwise or counterclockwise).

Watermark images and documents

Add watermark to each document page or specific pages using -watermark or -textwatermark attributes. You can set font and font-related options, text size (for text watermark), alignment, color, blending method, rotation, and more.

Compress PDF file when converting Word files

Forget about an issue when a PDF is larger than the original Word document! Using 2PDF as a PDF compressor, you can save files in minimum size and reduce the size of output PDFs. This min_size feature works only when converting DOC and DOCX files. It can make the file size smaller approximately by 30-40% (depending on the document contents) without much loss in quality.

Create searchable PDF files with OCR

If you have raster (bitmap) images or document scans such as TIFF, PNG, JPEG, you can use 2PDF to recognize text. This way, you can create searchable PDF files. Built-in OCR component can be enabled by attribute -pdf ocr:yes. Different languages are available: English, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, and German Fraktur. Choose one depending on your input files’ contents.

Batch Protect & Unlock Password- Protected PDF

2PDF can handle many password-protected files in bulk. Using the dstpwd attribute, you can make output files secured with a single password. If you have a bunch of password-protected PDF files and you want to remove the password from them, you can use srcpwd to unlock these secured PDF files. In the latter case, it is possible to unencrypt files with different passwords.


How to convert files using the default settings?

1. Download and install 2PDF

2. Use Win+R hotkey or click Start button on the bottom-left corner of your Windows Desktop

3. Type cmd to open the Command Prompt and press Enter

4. Enter the command line:

2PDF.exe -src "C:\Input\*.*" -dst "C:\Output"

5. Press Enter

For more options, please see the complete description of 2PDF syntax and examples

How to start 2PDF from a VB Script?

1. Open Notepad and create a new text file in it

2. Enter Visual Basic Script code like this:

Set objShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")objShell.Run """2PDF.exe"" -src ""C:\In\*.*"" -dst ""C:\Out""", 1, TrueSet objShell = Nothing

3. Save this file as a Unicode text file. For example: Test.txt

4. Rename Test.txt file to Test.vbs

5. Double click Test.vbs file to start the conversion

How to install 2PDF silently?

1. Download the installation file and save it on your hard drive. Run this command line to silently install the free version of 2PDF:

2pdf-free-setup.exe /SILENT

Add a serial number to the command line to install the commercial version of 2PDF silently:

2pdf10-commerc-setup.exe /SILENT /SN=BBBBBB-AAAAAA-DDDDDD-CCCCCC

I need a certain feature. Can you help? 

We continuously improve our products based on your suggestions. Please send us your feature requests, any feedback, or ask questions via the contact page.