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2PDF Settings

2PDF Settings are the default settings of the program. This means that these settings apply to all tasks performed by 2PDF by default, so you don't have to modify the command line each time.

To access 2PDF Settings, run the command:

2PDF.exe -ini

Please note that switches, parameters, and values specified using the command line Syntax will override the default 2PDF Settings. For example, if you enter -options pages:"1-5" in the command line and select another Page range in the 2PDF Settings panel, the latter will not take effect.

Below, you will find descriptions of all 2PDF Settings as they appear in the interface tabs.

Common Settings

The Common Settings are the basic settings of the program that can be set as the default for all 2PDF commands.

Advanced Settings

2PDF offers a wide variety of Advanced Settings that allow you to customize the file conversion process to meet your specific requirements.

File Extension Aliases

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Edit Operations

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