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New 2PDF Website Has Launched. Welcome!

Our new 2PDF website has just launched! We've also released the very first version of the program itself. 

New command line PDF converter – 2PDF

First off, download the brand new 2PDF:

While the program is being downloaded – have a look at the website sections that can help. We did our best to collect all the information you may need about our command line converter:

Here you can find some details about the six core features of the program. And more!

This page gives the most comprehensive guide (as for now) on how to use 2PDF – how to set attributes and values in the command line interface.

When someone buys the commercial version, it gives a nice boost to our development team and lets you use 2PDF in a business environment – without any limitations.

If all the content you see is just TLTR (too long to read) for you, write us a message! Our specialists will guide you through setting everything up. 

Get the latest version of 2PDF

Important: if you have already purchased 2PDF before the 2PDF 1.0 release – please contact our support team ASAP so we could provide you with the latest build. The latest build includes many new features.

If you use a free version of 2PDF, please download the latest 2PDF from the download page and re-install it.

Stay tuned here for more news and information!