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fCoder 2PDF Works from Windows PowerShell

"Cmd is in maintenance mode", "PowerShell is the future" – Rich Turner, senior program manager at Microsoft, reminded everyone that it's high time to move on from the old Windows command interpreter Command Prompt (cmd.exe) in May 2020. 

Please note that 2PDF, a command-line utility for saving and merging documents and images to PDF, can work from PowerShell, including Windows PowerShell 5, 6, and 7. So if you're planning to migrate from CMD to PowerShell, all saved configuration (e.g., code in a script file) will work fine.

You can also set up file conversion with the use of PS1, BAT, VBS, and other scripts.

2PDF commands can be executed from PowerShell, CMD, Windows Terminal, or any other command-line interpreter. In fact, the utility works well from any command-line editor or interface that's comfortable for you to use.

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